jagadish potluri

I have good vision and vast experience in various fields like designing, production, manufacturing, marketing, vendor development, trainings, management etc. i.e. all together
TECHNO COMMERCIAL SKILLS. Positive thinking with analytical approach as well as SUCCESSFUL TROUBLE SHOOTING ABILITIES with crisis management SKILLS are my good strength. Always ready to take up responsibilities and can deeply assess the situation and respond as per the situation. Have good dynamic leadership qualities with HUMAN TOUCH.

I am basically Engineer.Previously worked in Mumbai After wards established Factory and maintained it for 8 years.since last 10 years in to Consulting.& providing corporate solutions .
married.Have son and daughter aged around 11 & 15 years respectively.

I am a person with high THINKING and simple LIVING.

Want to DEVELOP in LIFE , but not at the EXPENSE of SOMEBODY.

Respects dignity of Labour.