Shri Jagat

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The enlightenment ground of Lord Adi Shankarcharya Ji Maharaj and center of eternal knowledge in karma, Advaita Vedanta (literally, end or the goal of the Vedas, Sanskrit) and loving devotion to the gods this ashram is situated in the holy land of India in the sacred city of Kankhal Haridwar road, Gandhi Marg. This consecrated ashram was built by his Holiness Jagat Guru Shriprakashanand ji maharaj in order to preserve and secure sacred eternal duties (Sanatan Dharma) towards god and humanity. In the beginning this holy place only contained Shiv Lingam.

The ashram also consists of a library, a Byre, Place for bhandara where thousands of devotee heedless to caste and creed eat together as a family and a free hospital for service of humanity. This ashram is actively engaged in providing free education, books, clothes and food to the poor and needy children so that they can have a secured life.

Well furnished rooms are also available in the ashram for the travelers. Shri Jagat Guru Ashram also has a restaurant. Information and help center is also available in the ashram's welcome room. Facilities like Anushthana, Puja Archana and Bhagwat Gita Katha Sadhna can also be availed by the devotees.