Jagat Viradia

Realtor, Social Media Manager, and Father in Surat, India

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I’m Jagat, a realtor at www.tBco.in currently living in Surat, India.

Basically an introvert, I feel about myself to be a fan/follower/practitioner of Design ideas | Writing | Osho Tantra | Eckhart Tolle and Present Moment Awareness | Lucid Dreaming | Iyengar Yoga | Running (10k) | Swimming | Books (Spiritual, Self-help, Kids' Story books) | Motorcycle RE | Photography | Movies/tv (Drama genre) | Bungy (Really!) | Laughing Out Loudly (seriously)| Solitude (when I get opportunity) | Waterfall Sounds (to enjoy practice of tantra technique no. 38) | Outdoor Eateries |

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  • Work
    • www.tBco.in
  • Education
    • Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering