Jagdeesh Waran

Hello Fellow Mates,

We offer Quality Facebooks [Non PVA / PVA], Gmail [Non PVA / PVA], Youtube [Non PVA / PVA], Yahoo [.com / .UK] , Hotmail [Verified / Non Verified], AOL, AIM, Mail.com, Rediffmail, GMX, AT&T, Twitter, MySpace, Google Voice Accounts, CL Accounts, eBay Accounts, Re-Directs, Gift Cards, VCC, Adwords Coupons and Paypal Accounts AVAILABLE ::: All at nominal cost.

Gmails non pva (Mixed IP) 100/10$
Gmails non pva (US IP) 12$/100
Gmails pva 30$/100
Google Voice 30$/100
Yahoo 6$/1k
Hotmail normal 8$/1k
Verified 10$/1k
AOL 10$/1k
Rediffmail 8$/1k
Mail.com 10$/1k
Aim 10$/k
FB Multi pic & Profile [Non PVA] 18$/100
FB [PVA] 2.50$/1 acc
Youtube [Non PVA] 15$/100
Youtube [PVA] 30$/100
Myspace 15$/100
Twitter 60$/1k
Tagged 60$/1k

Features of our Accounts.

Lowest prices on the market

Created with a unique IP

Unique email account w/ a name based email address

Unique password

Each account is tested

Free support 24/7

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Reach us @ :-

GTalk : e2jagdeesh
Yahoo : jagdeesh_hasutech

Skype :jminfotek
Aim : jminfojminfo

All with replacement for 3 days, We Accept PAYPAL, LR , Money Bookers, Alert Pay

Considerations will be always there for bulk bookers