Jagero Limited


JageroFX is a startup investment and trading firm based in London, England. They offer a variety of financial services to their customers. These services include assets counseling, automated and manual trading, fund management, and FX trading.

This London-based L.L.C. is managed by James Gillingham. Experience, attitude and hard work will ensure the company is at the forefront of growth and sustainability. Further additions include senior heads that bring a wealth of expertise and experience of over 50 years.

There are 6 key areas to the business, each with a different engagement of acquiring the attention of our target ordinance.

Each department will be as strong as the previous offering the client full realm of investment products and offer support and advice over the entire process of investing. The personal relationship to investing has been missing from the industry, after much research this is the number one problem where major investment companies and banks fail.

The Key departments are

Asset Counsel


Automated Trading

Trading Platform

Automated Development


The various departments offer a slightly different dynamics, each with the possibility of cross selling. They offer weekly webinars that will offer free advice and assistance to investors of beginner and experienced levels. This will help promotion of the company and assist further with building the brand.

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