Jagfity Faitheroic

This history is Must read.


My True Life Story.
I was born in 19’s, and I was named,AbdulFatai Adebayo Jagunmolu as a boy, born into a Yoruba region in Nigeria. One of the Greatest Nation in Africa. Some even call us the Giant of Africa. Economically I don’t believe it. I was born with the little respect which my parent have already acquire for their status, but not rich none popular. But I want a very comfortable lifestyle for myself and my kids when I have them. My parent can never be able to sponsor me to that kind of lifestyle I am dreaming of. Especially because its hang in there Brain that ‘money is the root of sin’. That’s there believe, like majority of African parent. In my own world I know its a lie. What I believe is ‘poverty is the true three of sin, that have root ,stem,branches,leaves and flowers. It keep on germinate and survive generation by generation until someone ready to cut it down and uproot it.’ a quotes by Jagfity Faitheroic. They believe rich men are crook, they never dream of been wealthy they are contented with the life they are living. Which is the same reason why a lot of people fail in life. Contented with poverty! Say this to yourself now, if you are alone say it aloud. I reject to be poor! I will never be contented with poverty! I must be wealth, LEGALLY! One day I change my Name to Jagfity Faitheroic. I know Nigerians never respect something done by themselves or by their people no matter how good it is. But when they find the name strange, They will believe that thing will be really great, what an ignorant guys! Sorry to say, if you are not one of them. I am just kidding them am still Jagunmolu Abdul Fatai Adebayo but I have add Jagfity Faitheroicto my name
How will I make it in life, when my parent can never help me, to talk of the Government that’s a complete waste of time, they are not ready to help anybody. Even if they want to they cannot possibly help all, that’s very clear to me. I have figure it out that successful nation are the work of citizen not government. so I know I am the one to help them, they can not possibly help me to my widest expectation. But I could not get any sure way to help myself, how could I possibly help some one. “If you are not save you can never save anybody, to save someone from dying, you have to survive. Word from Jagfity Faitheroic” that’s w