Jagjeet Sidhu

I m my favourite and emotion runs in my blood....doesn't matter wat other think about me. It matters is my soul satisfied with my doings. I Hav come on earth 2 prove dem me deir best of bests, jo v mere karib aaya aur aane wale hain. I want 2 earn money but wud never compromise wid luv n relationship, nothng precious like these....!! Wen i will die n extinct da relation n luv wud keep me alive not da money..! My future plans: 1. I want d company of 4 feminity in my life :- a. my mom nd dad (earnng of me frm my birth 2 yet) b. a girl wud stand by me, my cute princess sister (and many nominees r dere) c. My brother, more than any frnd who wud stand for me anywher whether m wrong or rite, d. my wife (only feels her presence but god has not disclosed her yet) e. a daughter (wanna called dad by a girl anyhow till 2020 2. My name holding a good designation Who wud work directly for da future generation 3. watevr wud b possible i wud make n reach happiness 2 my parents 4. wud b alone panic of dose who disobeys feminine, kiyaa to gaya beta 5. nxt 10 yrs get into 1g se 2g,2g se 3g. 6. above all if da unlucky DEATH comes in b/w,den god plz blow me in a plane crash or bomb blast, no need to weep on my 4evr closed body, mujhe taklif hogi . 7. since 22 years of life frm std 1st to 12th and ma graduation, i had literally 500 frnds where d nam JagJeet '' is alive but there is no courier frnd who has ever seen a drop of tears in my eyes, searching a feminity, ji bhar ke rona chahta hoon us'se lipat-kar & want to convert my emotions in love dat's only for 'her'. 8.u must hav seen Rockstar bt this rock has borned on 15th aug on earth and india's 13th INDEPENDENCE DAY & 21.06.2007 on facebuk....but he is not less then Zanaardan zaakar jise ye v ni pata wat wud b his nxt emotional stroke. 9. last but not the least my FB (FRIEND BOOK) faces. Its really typical 2 compete wid SO NEW ROCK (jagjeet Sidhu) rok sako toh rok lo.....!!