Jagoba Boo

I know you have a dream inside you, that you may buried , putting excuses , leaving aside. Perhaps they have said: be realistic, stop this nonsense, this can´t be done is impossible and life becomes just something you do.

Let me tell you something, it was realistic who put 52,000 tons of iron to float in the sea to cross the Atlantic , or the man who got furrowed the sky , or the one that got everyone connected via a network...Do you think these people were realistic? They had a dream, believed in it, and never let anyone tell them that it can´t do.

We only have one life and every moment is irreplaceable; you´ll never breathe the same air, you never wash your teeth twice alike, there isn´t a back button. Don´t sell your life. The present is precise , we have to live in it, take advantage of it , live your dreams because they are possible.

Once asked Helen Keller: "What would be worse than being born blind?"- And she said: "It would be much worse born with sight, but no vision."

Use your potential. Don´t let this negative world wins. "Don´t go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail."

I hope these words help you, like helped me to take a decision. I work on a project, which has allowed me to dream big again. I own of my time and my life . I work to and for my dreams.

And you, What are you going do?

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    • Amway Entreprenuer
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    • High School of Science and Technology
    • Cumlaude21 Business School