jagruti bhikha

Mumbai, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Hong Kong

Mom, Engineer, Coach, -- My name, Jagruti, means the feeling of awakening.

Born in Mumbai and moved to New York when I was fifteen years old. My life has been a very blessed life in a nutshell. I am a mother of two wonderful daughters. I love technology and am a Software Engineer by profession. I like to learn about Design and Architecture. I am currently working on a novel about a courageous story of a single mom with two daughters remodeling a home as a way to heal her heart. . Please contact me if you would like to get a free copy of the book. The name of the book is "Remodeling My Heart". I am also have a coaching practice that mainly focuses on women in technology and moms in technology. I love to read, do yoga, dance and paint in addition to writing. My biggest achievement in my life is raising my daughters. Priya and Nisha who are kind, smart and beautiful. I wish to one day work with them to Influence and Inspire moms and daughters.

Thank you for reading about.me:)

  • Work
    • Software Engineer
  • Education
    • NYU-Polytechnic School of Engineering
    • George Washington University