Mumbai, India

Deeply intersted in soul Search.. have attended workshops in related fields eg. Siddha Samadhi yogs, Art of living, EFT, Louise Hay ( mind body workshop-india ). Sandra Dawson.

Ardent fan of Ekhart Tolle, Oprah winfrey, Joyce Meyer, Bhrahma Kumari ( mount Abu ).

My interest is to find my purpose - tap my potential. So far it has been a journey lived rom ROLES. I am now focusing on my creativity and exploring my world around by paying more time, listening to my inntate desires/ god's grace/intuitions and so forth.

I have always loved Music & Dancing. Today i am Using these mediums to reconnect with my soul as I have come to believe that these are divine gifts- through which I can certainly find my potential..

I love animals. and was very very fortunate to raise a kitten from a 2 weeks homeless, helpless baby into a delightful-confident-handsome bully !!! Today, I am sitting content & assured, in india, that his adoptive parents in Istanbul are taking very good care of him. It's so important to Live in co existence with everything around You !! because what goes comes around - and Time is the biggest commodity we have. we must use it well.. Body is the purest vehicle in which our Soul resides / Mind is the hardest tool often mishandled !!

  • Work
    • Free Lance counsellor
  • Education
    • M.A. in counseling & pshychology, Lesley College, Boston