Jo Stover

Coos Bay, Oregon

Am excited to be here. Hope I get rich selling my books.

I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. Moved to Portland and later Bellingham, Washington after first marriage. Have four children that I eventually raised as a single mother and they all grew up well. Presently I have ten grandchildren and sixteen great grandchildren.

Now married to my artist husband, Jim, we live in Coos Bay, Oregon with out orange cat Jasper whom we named after one of the charachters of one of my first books. They are entitled, "Karielle And The Gift Of Magic" and Karielle And The Return Of Magic" published by AuthorHouse. I will hopefully have the third manuscript of this trilogy published and its title is "Nanatha, Dacada Of Cos".

I have been writing ever since highschool. In the beginning I wrote a lot of poetry and silly stories. Later on, especially after children began coming, I began writing children's stories. Am still trying to get those published.

Writing is a balm to my soul. I have found that jotting down one's thoughts helps calm the savage beast that sometimes threatens to devour the emotions. Rage on paper sure saves the heart from being overtaxed.

I think I'll be writing even after I've left this life or at least encouraging someone still here. I am a Christian and proud of it. That doesn't keep me from being imaginative or sometimes silly. Some of my ideas come from somewhere other than myself. My fingers just start typing and I let them carry the ball.

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    • Retired
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    • Salem High School, Salem, Oregon
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