jagtar jheeta


I am 100% pure ayurvedic practitioners I do not use even a single drug of modern medicine in any form. I have specialization in kidney stones and tumours more than 15000 cases of kidney stones have been treated without surgery. I have developed a tumour drug in a drops form from 15 years of research. Benign tumours like fibroma, lipoma, ovary cyst, uterine fibroid, breast tumours like adenoma, brain cyst, kidney cyst, spleen cyst, liver cyst more than 350 cases have been treated with tumours drops without surgery. And other my treatment experience in joint pain ,skin diseases ,allergy, piles, sex ,sperm, female diseases other chronic diseases which can not treated by modern medicine. Practical knowledge ayurvedic & unani medicines from my grandfather hakeem nazar singh ji 3years and four years ayurvedic practical training from swami shri jagdish dass ji and rasayan shashtra, ras shashtra [alchemy] {alkemia} practical training from shri ram kishan ji jalandhar wale four years training In my experience lots of experience Practical knowledge of preparation the medicines and identification of medicines and medicinal plants. I have my own herbal garden. I have invented the various instruments and apparatus uses in ras shashtra [alchemy] like jal mudra ,jal agni and other methods of preparation the bhasams and ras, kupi pakav, pard shanskar, with modern scientific method without breakdown the traditional laws. Lots of work on mercury,arsanic ,gold silver, copper, orpiment etc. I have my own research ras shala [alchemy lab]. There are more than 500 books in my library. I have my own practice under the name of jheeta herbals railway road nakodar distt. Jalandhar Punjab. Web site www.jheetaherbals.webs.com email jheeta_herbals@yahoo.com mobile 9815221763

I have cured the approximately 350 cases of cysts and benign tumours
1. Brain cyst like arachnoid cysts I cured 5 cases
2. Thyroid cyst and tumours varius size I cured 10 cases
3. Breast cyst and tumours like fibroadenoma confirm by FNAC and mammography varius size up to 70 mm I cured 50 cases
4. Spleen cyst I cured 5 cases
5. Kidney cyst I cured 25 cases
6. Ovary cyst various verity and various size up to 80mm I cured 150 cases
7. Uterus fibroid various size up to 40 mm I cured 50 cases
8. lipoma in whole body I cured 50 cases
9. prostate tumour I cured 5 cases