Kandayia Ali- "JagudEye"

Project Manager, Consultant, and Artist in Miami, Florida

VISIONARY, Music Producer. Self Published Author, Poet, PR Specialist, Ethics Trainer, Creativity Consultant, Personal/ Project Management, Abstract/ Surreal Artist, Mom, Blogger, Photographer, Motivational Speaker and Community Activist are just some of the titles she's recognized for holding. There will be many more to follow...

"Kandayisms"- "I have 2 Choices In MY Life: To Make It—- or— Make It!"

MAKING HISTORY- "HER-STORY": In Feb. 2010, Kandayia was chosen to wear the title as one of the many Black Women Making History by "Label Me Royalty". Kandayia has been in support of several non-profit organizations, both on a worldwide and small community based platforms.

KANDAYIA The Artist:
Kandayia 'JagudEye' Ali has produced more than 10 albums within the first year of her taking on music production as a 'hobby' - turned addiction. With more than 200 songs on the market- she only wishes to contribute more to the creative arts realm. LISTEN, FOLLOW, LIKE, SHARE & SUPPORT Via SOUNDCLOUD

From poetry, to abstract and surreal artforms- Kandayia is doing her share to leave a profound mark in the world of Fine Arts & Entertainment. She has an online gallery which she shares several of her valued pieces of digital art with the world. SEE HER WORK ON FINE ART AMERICA

She has two books available both online and offline: "Pillow Soft Secrets" and " The Machine Inside The Woman" which she has taken the time to combine some of her favorite short stories, timeless quotes, and poetry pieces together to share as well. All in all- she always has and still continues to give her best to the world. CHECK OUT HER AUTHOR's BIO & BOOKS ONLINE

"At the end of the day- I don't have a label or title. I value myself as ART, with respect and love for all artforms. It takes alot to be bold enough to share hidden treasures buried deep inside of you. I love the rarity of articulated preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification of one's own inner being. It's a profound gift to both have and be willing to share with others." -Kanday

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