James Hatch

Frederick, Maryland

I am a strategic management and intellectual property consultant. After relocating and deciding to complete my undergraduate degree in Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship, I continued my academic pursuits and obtained a Masters in Business Administration. I took a 6 month vacation and launched 87 websites, then returned to get an Masters in Information Technology and an Information Security Certificate.

I'm pondering the idea of a PhD or DM in Strategic Management and research Semiotic Ontology - The study of symbols and the definition of how they obtain meaning. My personal site is at JamesHatch.com, however I do not blog there any longer. I continue to study the merging of business, technology and ethics.

I founded HATCHideas.com, which is the strategic management and intellectual property consultancy which you can retain by visiting the site and getting in contact. I promise to make any business I work with better. Without your success, I cannot succeed.

Founded ohmTown Studios, a netcasting startup with 50 original shows set for launch. All shows feature face-to-face video call-in interviews and discussions with interesting people.

Created Roll&Rule, a collectible dice game with a unique design. A game that can be played anywhere and is unpredictable so each game is different. It has an online community that will help create the mythos around the game and the world of Aeranor. The game continues development internally.

Created Dictioneer, Mobble, IconMonster and so many more. I have 200 projects in development currently. Some of which are highlighted at HATCHideas.com, so please visit.

  • Work
    • HATCHideas
  • Education
    • MBA
    • MSIT
    • AA - Business Administration
    • BS - Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship