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To give you a historical account of myself would be unnecessary because those details are partially irrelevant to what it is that I am here to do and say. I say partially because they're relevant to myself, for me to apply them relevantly and to manifest them accordingly but that's my story. You have your own story in need of manifestation so learn about yourself and where your story is taking you instead of where mine (or the next man) is taking me (or him). I'm not here to tell you to do things and live a way that I myself don't even live as it is commonly found in today's music industry and the average pursuer there of. I am only here as I am to promote you to be as you are and not necessarily as you want to be because your wants do not always align with your necessities which do align with who you truly are otherwise they would not be necessary. I do this, out of my love for music and for all who has life (nature included), to simply just be a help to who I can (or to who will listen) therefore my About.me is really About.you.

~~~My first official album "Two Cents To Sense" has been pushed back due to other underlying circumstances however, I will continue to release instrumental ep albums in the meantime until everything is perfected to the terms of perfection.

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