Jahaira Algarin

In this quote psalm 18:49 terefor i will give thanks to you among the nations, O Lord and i will sing praises to your name which I took from the bible it talks about worshiping God and telling the nations about the worship of God. I feel as though im doing exactly that for being the worship teacher at my church. im a great leader in my worship team I have children teens and adults. To teach one to dance is not simple I had to learn how to work with the people I was reseving in my class. Also my great communication skills is what helps me the most in being a leader learning how to swich up to talking to five to eight year olds to thirteen to eighteen year olds to tweenty to thirty year olds. Having to get the younger kids attention, teens intrested, and the adults to have fun. So I swhich up the styles to get everyone participating. Being a learder is not all about giving compands but knowing how to work with people and showing them that if they fallow you they wont regret it.