Jahanara Nissar

Managing Partner at Lynx Equity Strategies in New York, NY

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Jahanara Nissar is an equity analyst with many years of experience working for different companies. She has expertise in corporate access and communicating with management teams of different companies.

Currently, Jahanara Nissar is working for LYNX EQUITY STRATEGIES as a Technology Strategist

Jahanara Nissar was appointed Vice President, Equities Desk Analyst for RBC CAPITAL MARKETS in 2008. She worked there for 4 years.

After that, Jahanara Nissar started working for ALLIANCE BERNSTEIN as Vice President, Equities Desk Analyst and she worked there for 3 years. She was voted second highest among sector specialists for generating trading ideas and identifying investment themes.

Jahanara Nissar is skilled at building and presenting investment theses. She has a broad knowledge of equities markets worldwide with ability to extract important insights.

Jahanara Nissar has excellent communication ability along with effective relationship building and management skills.