Jahdusha V. Shines

Jahdusha V. Shines is an ambassador of 'Growth and Development'... Evolution... "Being the Change We want to see in the world" (Ghandi style!) with a S.M.I.L.E. on her face all the while! JVShines has been presenting LIP Service (Liberation Information Program Service) since 2008 via the medium of radio and internet television. L.I.P. Service includes uplifting, inspiring, informative and inspirational music, guests and word power delivered with pure love and divine intentions from the heart (always). Jahdusha has extensive experience as an effective mentor, role model, counsellor and Lifestyle Coach. Her motto is always to 'lead by example' and respond to absolutely everything as 'harmoniously' as possible. She is not prepared to share what she isn't open to practising hercellf. Jahdusha is focused on full-filling her FULL POTENTIAL and CELLF REAL-EYESation. She really full-joys sharing the Tewels (tools) she's found/finding along her journey.... the highs, lows (initiations/challenges/obstacles/life lessons), what she uses as coping mechanisms/tewels to maintain her NATURAL state of Peace, Balance, and Alignment to All the Beauty (Wisdom) there is to Allow into 0ur Lives. The Eyes Only See What the Brain Has Been Exposed To. Therefore, Jahdusha is constantly expanding her KNOWLEDGE OF CELLF and ALL that Is. So she can see and in/experience the Limitless Beauty Life has to offer. Limitation is a state of Mind. If we can conceive it, it can be achieved. There is only one thing standing in our way, and that is 0urcellves (ego, pride, I.d., personality etc). ..so if we want to see change, growth, improvement, development, peace, harmony, love, light, balance, justice, joy, enlightenment and the likes...we must be ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE about what we feed our most precious tewel (Our Brains). We benefit greatly when we feed our cellves (Mind/Body/Soul & Spirit) LIBERATION INFORMATION, which is ELLAMENTAL (aka Supreme Right Knowledge, Knowledge of Self on every level). Jahdusha is on AIR LIVE every Saturday 7-10pm GMT (check time zones). Log onto: www.venturefmradio.com and click LISTEN LIVE