John Howard

Chattanooga, Tennessee

I'm a nice, honest, educated man. The guy that gets passed by for a prick that won't treat you half as good as I would. I'm the guy women say they want but pass by for the complete opposite. I'm trying not to become jaded.

I like to give flowers, compliments, open doors, and other mushy type stuff. Yet despite the chivalrous tendencies, I also consider myself to be a liberal, pro-sex feminist that accepts sexuality as what it is - biology in action, with a little more fun for those of us who are interested in exploring such a wonderful aspect of our existence.

How's that for honest? I have too many female friends that would beat the daylights out of me if I was anything but honest in my efforts to meet someone. So:

I'm 38, Humanist/Atheist; Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian;

I'm honest to a fault;

I have learned the difference between sympathy and empathy the hard way.

If you're reading this, something about you struck my fancy and I was either feeling too shy to try chatting you up on the spot, or the timing wasn't right...

I am not looking to re-marry, fall deeply in love, or reproduce. I'm just being frank here because I can't stand the process of trying to figure out what the other person is after.

If you're interested in getting to know one another, whether as strictly platonic friends or something more, be in touch.

- John

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