Jahreem Johnakin

Atlanta, GA

One Christmas my parents bought all of us instruments. My sister got a keyboard, my brother got a guitar, and I got a drum set. I loved my drums but I would also try to play their instruments too. When I was about six years old, I would sit up front with the musicians at church. I would watch what the drummers did and imitate it on my drum set when I got home. It wasn't until I moved to Georgia when I started playing around on the keyboard more. While in middle school, one of my friends showed me how he made beats on the keyboard. It was all over after that! I would stay on the keyboard all the time making beats and recording them. I joined band in high school so that I could learn more about being a drummer. I was so excited to be the drummer who was chosen for our first concert. Unfortunately, being in band didn't last long. Since I was also good at being a clown and the teacher was tired of me interrupting class, I was kicked out for my behavior. Fast forward to the 11th grade, I took a class called, "Music Technology" and it increased my knowledge of music recording. In the 12th grade, I attended Dacula HS for the 1st part of the day and for the 2ndpart of the day, I attended Grayson HS. At Grayson, I was in their "Music Tech"program as well. I really learned a lot more about music production, recording& technology.

Throughout the years I would always sing in the shower or in my room but I never intentionally let anyone hear me. But one night, my parents had all of us singing, and they cried because they didn't realize how good all of us could sing. They have been encouraging us to sing ever since. I got my first opportunity to sing at my cousin's wedding in South Carolina. The second time I sung was at my aunt's funeral. I received another opportunity to sing at Grayson HS. The John Lennon Educational Bus was coming to visit Grayson HS and they were auditioning students to play instruments, rap & sing. This was a great opportunity because this bus was a state-of-the-art mobile audio and HD video recording and production facility. They were going to work with the students to create an original song and then shoot a video. My classmates thought I was going to audition to be a rapper because they didn't know that I could sing. I was so happy when they chose me as one of the singers. Click on this link to see the video. I also auditioned for Canton Jones CAJO University choir. I made it in the choir and we sung all around Atlanta.

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    • Music is my work
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    • High School Diploma