Jai Lakshwani

Jai Lakshwani (Born 8 August,1987) started his entrepreneur journey since October,2010. He is best know as an entrepreneur or social entrepreneur. Currently he is MD & CEO of Raiden Design Xpress (PVT ) LTD. Raiden Design is a creative venture who provides complete creative and innovative design solution to its globally customer and also works on social entrepreneurship. This company also sells its designer products in Indian market and on web. Earlier he started his first entrepreneur journey with a non profit organization, GreenForSD. He was founder and president of this organization. He founded this organization during his engineering. He performed some social project with some establish and eminent NGO. He worked for an Electronics and robotics company as Assistant Operations Executive officer where he was responsible for estimate, analysis, gathering business requirements & client interaction. He has always been passionate about education. Soon he is going to launch some projects with volunteers for provide better education to poor children and spread awareness about human rights, Right to information and Right to education. Specialties Business development, Brand Management, Internet Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Online tracking & analytics, People Management, Sales, Advertising & Marketing, Fund Raising, Startup Scenarios. Client Engagement, Brand Communication, Leadership.