Jai Singh

Chandigarh, India


Who is 'Jai Singh'? He is someone, somewhere living his life, lost in his own world of thoughts and imagination. He is artistic and creative but not all the time. A Won Ki trainer analyzed Jai as a person with both negative and positive vibes which is why he has a conflicting mind (outcome of negative vs. positive energy).

He was in 'Author Mode' from Oct-Dec 2013, he has many ideas meandering in his mind. He has written Two Books - 'Earth belongs to us' and 'With bare Hands', both are available as Kindle Singles i.e. electronic book to be read on Kindle Tablet, it can also be read otherwise by installing an app or software as advised here - http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=dig_arl_box?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771

Though he would like to devote all his time in Writing but his major time is spent in some other work, and he is unable to devote full time but every now and then he notes down the idea of stories for later consideration...poor guy...

He lilkes Acting, not a Pro but he would like to see himself on TV Cinema viz. and if any Production House is interested in casting him, he is available, if any Foreign Production house visits India for certain shooting, he would be happy to act...

He would like to pose as a model too, Ramp Walk....did a bit while schooling.

He loves photography, nature, music, adventure, fun, movies and comedy shows.

He would just like to say a Fact about him, he doesn't posess the physique as shown, at certain point of time he did had a good physique, the physique shown is what he would like his body to be......so don't get impressed with that...

There is more and at the moment he has some other things in his mind......so he will continue his bio.....soon......

  • Work
    • Content Manager
  • Education
    • Post Graduate