Jai Blogz

Jai; rhyming with "hi", is the stage name Jasmine thought of one night as she wrote her poems and was in the middle of creating a vine account.

"I didn't feel like "Jasmine" was enough, I wanted a unique name that nobody really had and I wanted a name that would linger in minds of those I attracted, so I took the "j", "a" and the "i" from my name and searched up what the name "Jai" meant and I immediately fell in Love" she responded Streaming Live oneday when one of her followers asked if "Jai" was her real name and where it cam from.

Jai loves to write and model and is an aspiring singer, photographer/videographer, director/editor and plans to go to school to become a Producer. She is not the ordinary teenager, from her captivating blue/gray eyes to her mature yet postive soul she says is a "Gift from God" all the way to her funny and witty side.

"I am here to spread Love, Laughter, Peace and Positivity to ALL. Nobody is ever fully 'grown' because we grow everyday. I am going on my journey, are you on yours?"