Delihlah Jaide

Suppose the world made a community of artistic, ambitious,talented, and creative individuals, to classify the simple things in life we dont pay attention to in our everyday lives, what if the world made a place for those individuals to reside in?. To be a part of something great you must first make the first step in deciding YOU would want to be great, greatness isnt achieved easily, it is not satisfactory until you are satisfied with your own perfection; words of my own to live by. I'm currently attending school, with every intention of pursuing my life-long career of artistical needs, I plan on studying computer design, and directing my focus on digital and manual art, as well as Photography. My love for art and music has driven me into a physchological trend of always thinking outside the box, always considering the impossible, and till this day, I claim to be fulfilling my dreams. Perfection is achievable.

They say with age comes responsibility, i say with age comes a great deal of memories, ideas, and dreams. I, myself, am 18 years old,Born on the island of Puerto Rico, and living in the great state of Texas, doesn't get any better than that. inspiration is EVERYWHERE.