Jemai Canadilla


Well what can I say?

I'm just your average woman who lives her life the way it should be - experienced and enjoyed. I don't have anything out of the ordinary like other people with amazing talents or any super powers but I am a nurse and I guess I could pass as a super hero. Saving lives and helping people everyday.

I was one of the few in my high school days who was made to believe that nursing can be something that will lead me to a good life and the fulfillment of my dreams and even though nursing was at the least of my interests, I pursued it and got my Bachelor's in 2009.

I'm still a struggling nurse so far. Volunteering at hospitals and still hoping to get the opportunity to be a regular nurse at the hospital. To be honest, I'm still in the process of fully loving the profession I have studied in and I believe someday I will. As I've learned in "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" - You have to love your work and that's the secret to succes. Let me just say that every time I don that white uniform and go to work, I get closer to loving it and every thank you from a patient/client simply gives a heartwarming feeling that yes, I made a difference today, I did something good and that's important.

I am also an online worker. I am mostly a virtual admin assistant but I have been a transcriptionist for over 5 years. I transcribe a broad range of topics from different clients around the world. It may not be in the profession I have studied in but I believe we have to work and earn in order to survive in this world. I enjoy it, I better myself by learning while I work and I earn at the same time.

Whenever I have free time for myself in-between volunteering and working online, I enjoy watching movies and writing down poetry or the thoughts in my head. I enjoy going to the beach but I do not swim because I just like the peacefulness the ambiance that the beach gives. I love cooking and baking and going to the karaoke bar with the girls.

So that's basically me, a random person who tries to live everyday of her life as an experience and a blessing that needs to be cherished.

  • Education
    • Central Philippine University