Jai Kartar


Jai Kartar is a facilitator and recording artist (her debut album Golden was released in 2011), whose work and journey with deepning intimacy within has been opening the space for many people to experience this intimacy and depth all over the world. She blends music and dance (a BlissDance facilitator trained by Shakti Malan), her work as a family constellations facilitator, taking partner work to a whole new level of depth, different meditation and practises from her ten + years as a teacher, yogini and meditator and tantra practitioner and facilitator including many different traditions of deep inner processing. All chosen to honour each process and theme and flowing to a beautiful and sometimes live music soundtrack. This is a work for those who really feel the call to deepen, to reach that level of intimacy with themselves and others.

  • Work
    • teacher at the deepening, recording arts