Cherie Jedediah

The iPhone has been programmed wonderfully. You can do just about anything you want to on it. However, there are many benefits to an iPhone you may be missing out on. Within this article you will find some of these tricks to enhance your phone.

You don't need to type in the ".com" when browsing the web on your iPhone. You simply need to put in the main part of the address and the browser will take you to the correct site. This is a simple, straightforward trick, but the time it saves you will really add up. You may also get more details on :

Practically any website can be transformed into an app for your iPhone. First, navigate to the site. Once you get on the website, tap once on the "Go" option. One of the options you'll be presented with is adding the website to your iPhone's home screen. Also, you have the ability now to rename it as a unique application.

The "X" button is not needed after each AutoCorrect suggestion. Just push any place on your screen. This method closes the suggestion box quickly and easily.

Use the multimedia features on your iPhone to get the most out of it. Your iPhone can become an entertainment hub just by downloading TV episode or online clips that you love.

To easily access your email messages, you can tag an account to your iPhone. By tagging these accounts, you will receive a notification any time you receive an email. This will allow you to view your messages in a timely manner. You are not limited to a single email account with this feature.

When sending an email or typing in a note and do not want to use the suggested iPhone words, there is no need to tap the X to get rid of the suggestion box. Just tap on your screen where ever you want and the box should close.