Dylan Henderson

The basic differences between jailbreak and root consist mostly of technical difficulty (the jailbreak is more difficult) and philosophy of each operating system. If on one hand tolerates Android OS release, Apple hates. Is it legal to root and jailbreak? Yes, although some manufacturers do not like it. Both operations are jailbreak apple tv in the U.S. since 2010 thanks to a ruling by the U.S. Copyright Office. Also in Spain is legal. Not know the jailbreak apple tv status in other countries, but few laws are often so restrictive as American.

What may happen is that manufacturers nullify the warranty upon receiving terminal with root or jailbreak. Is Apple's case, it even refuses to repair jailbroken devices. The Android manufacturers, on the other hand, are more comprehensive, but not too much. Recommendation: reset to factory settings before taking it for repair. Benefits of doing a mobile or tablet root Android.

You can remove applications preinstalled by the manufacturer or your carrier
Performance improves substantially: to be able to remove preinstalled apps, move apps to the SD card and overclocking, mobile gains in speed Disadvantages to root a mobile phone or tablet Android You lose security: if you control the applications that run with root privileges, real disasters may occur, and viruses can act freely for Android.Voids the warranty: most manufacturers refuse if they detect that the mobile phone has been rooteado. To take it to repair, it then conducts an "unroot" .