Jail Jack

Jail Jack offers the lowest jail call services and helps to connect to the families of the incarcerated at a cheap price. Jail Jack is designed to cater the need of the families of the incarcerated by providing “local” phone lines instead of “long distance” and thus reduces the overly inflated rates to a cheap and affordable price. They work with all the major jails contracted phone provider systems and so is a completely safe and secure Telephone Company. They reduce the price by providing you a local phone number which is prison based and thus allow your inmate to make a call on your cell phone or home. This VoIP based communication system helps you to keep in touch with your dear ones in times of need. They specialize in collect calls to inmates and thus bring smiles in the life of the inmates and their families.

JailJack.comhas developed unique technology to allow you to have a "local" (to the prison) phone line that rings wherever you live!! This means with JailJack.com, the inmate will be calling a "local" number to reach you, your home, or office instead of dialing "long distance" at overly inflated rates. That way the savings stay in your inmates commissary account.