Jai Luthra

New Delhi, India

Hola! I am Jai Luthra!
I like to call myself a linux geek and an open-source jedi.
I am a high school student. I try to contribute to the FOSS community, in every way I can.

I am learning to code. Here are a few hacks: github.com/jailuthra
Peek into my Ohloh Profile and my Open Source Report Card.

Email - me@jailuthra.in
I support use of strong cryptography for privacy, and encourage you to use GPG encryption with my public GPG key when sending me messages.
Version: 3.1
GCS/MU/TW d- s:+ a--- C++(+++)>$ UL P+ L++>++++$ W++ w--- !M-- PS+ PE Y+
PGP+ t+ R tv--(+)@ b++(+) e h- y

You can decode the geek code from here

  • Education
    • Bal Bharati Public School, New Delhi