jaime hoe

Designer in Melbourne, Australia

Yes, I apply UI / UX / games to my world.

Hi, my name is Jaime.


I have worked on two video games - Jimmy Neutron, King Aurthur and taught digital media in 4 countries.

My experience with Krome Studios, Brisbane as an In-game Cutscene Designer with a team of 40-50, not only to assemble, edit sequence, but also allow me to work closely with animators, level builders, cut scene programmer. During the process, I understood the importance of team work, collaboration and morale in a game studio. In many ways, games characters and environments satisfy my insatiable curiosity and obsession in graphics and story-telling in cutscenes.

Equipped with Design and Economics degree, a can-do attitude, an eye for aesthetics, I'm versatile, energetic, highly organised, in fact a person of wide-ranging skills. I have also worked as a Sales & Service Adviser with National Australia Bank, Brisbane where duties included handling enquiries, cash handling, resolved complaints, met weekly sales figures for quotations, loans, deposits and referrals. Such skillset and insights will come handy in empathising, identifying customer pain points.

I love dressing up for different occasions. As a Personal Dressing Service Consultant with Fitted for Work, Melbourne, the aim to help long term unemployed, disadvantaged women to get work, maintain employment, gain confidence and financial independence. This is achieved via dressing clients on a one-on-one boutique fitting service with a Conversation with Purpose.


Having worked in different countries, cultures, I have a global perspective in applying creative imagination and intuition to add value and insight to a piece of user research and be flexible to customise user experience design toolkit to facilitate validating design hypothesis and structure for shared understanding with the team.

VISION | RESEARCH | EXECUTION. I start with a vision by addressing the problem statement; next I sketch out the solutions, validate assumptions by rapid prototyping, test with real users and back to iteration.


My formula for success equates research and application with a shift in paradigm or usage of metaphors when learning new areas. I am looking for new challenge and would like to apply my problem solving skills in UI, UX, visual design and align business goals to materialise an idea or experience with a product or service. This is