jaime moran

Student in San Antonio, Texas

Who is Jaime? He is a mechanic in training who would treat your car like it was his own. He is a honest person not comparable to other mechanics ,who would try to scam people into buying more parts that they don’t need, because he knows how expensive everything is now-a-days with all this technology that goes into the cars. Currently it is his senior year in high school taking an automotive class so he can get some hands-on training on real customers car’s. In there they taught him how to change the oil, do alignments, take apart the whole car also to put it back together. They would teach him how to change tires including balancing as well as patching the them. He even got certified from Timken as well as Sp2. Not only can he fix a gasoline car right now he is taking classes to learn extra about diesel trucks. He always talks about going to St. Philip's college for two reasons, one is because he is already getting credit for that college which means he can save money, the second reason being this is in his words “It’s close to home so I can drive to the house nevertheless still eat my mom’s food”.