Jaime Blanco


All of my live I've been working where the relationships with the people are so important.

At this time I'm a tax advisor and system management consultant in quality. My way of life has led me to this. I was Scout and the Scout Motto for the Scout Movement is "Be prepared"; you need to do your best, doing something (everything in your normal day) as well as you possibly can, or to the best of your ability

Since 1984 I'm a begginer software developer (Basic, Pascal, C, C++, Python, Racket, Ruby on Rails, Scala, Java, Android ...), but the life took me for other ways in the financial and management sector. But I love the innovation and software developing.

I'm a commercial Pilot (FAA license), but I do not work in the aviation world :-(

I love my two daughters (Paula and Lili), and I always work thinking in their future. The best legacy I will leave to my daughters will be their studies, because the knowledge will set them free.

The motto of my life: "Stay hungry stay foolish"