Jaime Larsen

Vancouver, b.c. Canada

How easy it can be to take this life for granted. Surviving a near fatal, debilitating car accident really put things into perspective for me. I woke up from a coma after 10 days not knowing who I was or where I'd come from. The months of rehabilitation and therapy brought it all back and eventually I was whole again, but it was a long haul. The fact that I wasn't crippled for life, however, gave me a renewed sense of gratitude and purpose.

This difficult time in my life taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

My determination and tenacity have taken me a long way and I'm not finished yet. There are many things I plan to do in this life, so working from home, or wherever I may be is important to me. I love to help others create the life of their dreams as well with a home-based business.

Remaining in a coma and being fed by tubes wreaked havoc on my vocal chords, so I have been faced with another challenge... Making my voice heard.

I specialize in helping other soft spoken, tender hearted people create a life of abundance through entrepreneurship. By honoring our authentic temperment, we can stand out in a noisy world.

The universe is abundant with opportunity, we just have to be brave enough to speak up and tell it what we want.

As Ghandi says, "In a Gentle Way, You Can Shake the World"

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