Jaime Abeytia

Jaime Abeytia is a liberal blogger, talk radio personality, Chicano activist, and political commentator in El Paso, Texas.

Jaime Abeytia comments on a range of political and cultural topics and has been a political columnist for Newspapertree in El Paso, Texas and is co-founder of The Border Journal. Jaime Abeytia is also the author of the premier liberal Democratic blog in El Paso, The LionStar Blog.

Jaime Abeytia if often selected to be a guest speaker on a range of social and political issues in addition to being a Master of Ceromonies. Abeytia has also delivered several keynote addresses for a range of organizations, agencies, clubs, and groups.

Abeytia grew up in a politically active family and was raised to be active in the political process. “My dad was a big influence in my life. He was an organizer for Cesar Chavez and the United Farmworker Movement. Dad was always an example of standing up to the powers that be for what is right and just. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor and role model”, Abeytia said.

Jaime says his show will be an extension of his blog and will reflect his individual style as a street-level activist. “My motto is ‘Speak Truth to Power’ and sometimes that means asking the tough questions, never taking yourself too seriously, and occassionally being a little irreverent”.

Abeytia is also a proud military veteran who served as a Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Army. He is the eldest son of Benito & Lucia Abeytia.