Jaime Aranda Serralbo


Curious, professional, passionate about learning and constant growth. Restless and responsible by default. Always in the process of improving and refining.

With a strong technical background that organizes and gives rigour to my work, I apply a great amount of creativity to all fields.

Architect, designer, consultant, entrepreneur, inventor, salesman, actor, communicator, creative ... roles that intermingle daily generating highly efficient performance. Obsessive about optimizing teams and complex working environments, processes designed to achieve goals.

Technical communicator and "dreams evangelist" with leadership and people management skills. Constructor of online and offline communities. Networker and negotiator by nature.

"Professional" geek, constantly updated. Using technology to help people and bring them together; networking as mean, not an end.

Innovation is the route to take, proactivity, creativity, consistency and technical expertise are my tools for the voyage.

  • Education
    • Architecture
    • Performing Arts
    • MBA
    • Community Management