Jaimee K. Jones

A native of Arizona, I am a proud Sun Devil with a degree in Communication with a Business minor. I have so lucky to have two beautiful daughters who bring such happiness to my life. I enjoy country music, traveling, weathered 'old' things & shiny new things, and most of all....spending time with those I love. The things that matter to me get my complete devotion: my family, my work, my relationships. I am committed to doing my best in all that I do, and look for ways to make the ordinary more exciting.

With more than fifteen years in the healthcare industry, the past eight have been with LabCorp. Working as a Business Development Executive with responsibilities primarily in the Women's Health segment for 22 states allows me to develop business relationships both internally and externally over vastly different markets. Working with a team of almost 200 Sales Reps and their 15 Sales Managers to ensure they are growing the OBGYN & Primary Care space with their knowledge of the Best in Class testing is very rewarding. My prior experience as Managed Care Executive guides me to understand the challenges of the physician offices in today's economic environment, the varying payor mix and the dynamic relationship between the two. Knowing that my effort is ultimately toward women of all ages receiving the best and most appropriate clinical laboratory services available makes my job a very personal one, indeed!