Jaimee Harris

Jaimee Harris is a unique musical voice rising out of a deep well of Texas singer/songwriters. Her songs draw on universal themes of love, longing and family, while her style incorporates all the best that Americana has to offer. Planted somewhere between country and roots music, Jaimee is comfortable in her own musical skin. She began playing guitar at age 5, and she started writing songs almost immediately. She hasn’t stopped. Drawing from musical influences as diverse as Patty Griffin and Led Zeppelin, Jaimee’s musical palette is as broad as it is deep.Beginning in 2004, Jaimee began the process of bringing her songs to the world when she started playing live shows with her father. Since then, she has recorded 4 full length albums and two EP’s ("Grateful Dad," "Great Expectations," "Songs to Break Up To," "Home,” “Farewell to Texas,” and most recently, “Transitions”). She has been fortunate to be able to collaborate with musical artists from all over the world, and the diversity of her recordings matches the diversity of her writing. In her few short years of playing live music, Jaimee has played with and opened for such artists as The Black Crowes, Bob Schneider, Matt Nathanson, Jessie Baylin, Jon Randall, Ben Rector, Jack Ingram, Matt the Electrician and Maren Morris. A native of Texas, Jaimee quickly became a small part of the wonderful Dallas and Fort Collins, CO music scenes before relocating to her current home in Austin. Since moving to Austin, Jaimee has captured audiences in living rooms, sold out clubs, and coffee shops with her unique blend of pop melodies and folk based lyrics. Her passion for writing, touring, and recording have helped her develop very quickly and well beyond her 21 years of age.Jaimee has toured nationally to support her latest EP Transitions and is looking forward to the release of her newest full length record in 2011. Thank you very much for all the support in the past, and Jaimee looks forward to seeing you on the road!