Jaime Hill

I am a photographer living and working on the South Coast. My range of work reflects my broad spectrum of interests which includes sport, scuba diving, wildlife, music and travel. I draw inspiration from my interests, and from a range of photographers including Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle, Ansel Adams and Joe Cornish. My aim is to produce work which provokes emotion and offers a fresh and often unusual way to look at the world.

I enjoy learning new things and am currently learning to play the drums and attempting to learn to speak Dutch and Japanese. I use these new experiences and learning to approach my photographic work by offering a fresh perspective and an intimate personal style to the images I create. I combine rapid, vivid shots of recognisable landmarks with subjects which - like myself - are rarely still, and find musicians similar to butterflies as subjects that require patience to deliver the perfect shot.

I work largely by instinct, but am constantly looking to develop my photographic skills. I am currently experimenting with black and white photography and traditional film for the powerful emotional impact these methods can deliver.