Jaime Marie.

Jaime Marie.

Fine art attempts to fill in the gaps left by history writers. Fine craft and textile art further informs our histories. Giving shape, colour, texture and meaning to my own history; my intentional personal expressions in cloth and fibre allow me to navigate my own awareness.

I make art, specifically textile art, to communicate messages beyond language, to delve into and explore the context in which I dwell, personally and collectively.

In my youth, Grandma Ruby would come and visit and bring with her these bags bursting with scraps of fabric, yarn and thread. My appetite for texture, colour and imagery began here and has stayed with me since.

Stitching, assembling, conceptualizing, constructing, dyeing, screening, weaving, structuring, collaging, collecting and packaging are some of the ways I enjoy my meanderings, thoughts and ideas. Giving new life to old photos, words and images, allows me to better understand the continual process of growth and regression I experience as a human being.

From pigment, paint, dye and glue, to cloth and yarn, wire and plants, my materials are far from limited. Found objects often inspire new projects.

I'm interested in sharing insight gained from the process of experience, posing questions and speaking to the truths I come to understand.

Photos by Michael Levy and Davin Greenwell.