Jaime Murra

Jaime Murra serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Arroz Diana, the fifth-largest rice-milling company in Latin America. Jaime Murra began his career with Arroz Diana in 1992 as the firm's Director of Sales and Marketing. He created the company's business strategy, vision, marketing plan, and pricing methods. When Murra launched his marketing campaign for Arroz Diana, it resulted in a 190 percent sales increase over two years and won Colombia's Best Campaign of the Year award in 1997. Arroz Diana also enjoyed an 80 percent increase in brand awareness.

Jaime Murra went on to serve as Arroz Diana's Director of Finance, managing $300 million in capital. In this role, he improved the company's net profits by 50 percent and increased the return on the company's investment portfolio by 60 percent. Jaime Murra's other accomplishments include acquiring several major competitors. This required conducting all the comprehensive financial valuations and due diligence needed to close the deals, which he managed to do at a cost 30 percent less than anticipated.

In his current role, Jaime Murra is responsible for creating value on behalf of Arroz Diana's shareholders. By implementing a sales channel segmentation strategy, Jaime Murra placed Arroz Diana in small stores throughout Colombia and achieved 62 percent annual growth for the firm during his tenure. Arroz Diana's current goals include achieving revenue of $1 billion by 2013. In keeping with this objective, Jaime Murra recently acquired a cooking oil company in Colombia.

Based in Bogota, Arroz Diana has empowered its community and country by directly and indirectly creating jobs for more than 700 people. The jobs positively impact the Colombians who purchase Arroz Diana's products and strengthen the country's economy, and the company continues to enhance its brand awareness.