Jaime Nish

A transplant from the wooded mountains of Pennsylvania, I have made Baltimore, Maryland, my new home. Although my original dream was to walk on a tightrope in a European circus, I discovered my true passion (design!) while studying at the University of Baltimore. I received an undergraduate degree in Corporate Communications, then continued my education with a Master’s in Publications Design. I am a voracious reader of anything from European History to Contemportary Fiction. I find inspiration for design everywhere from old cans to wallpaper. I am a believer in progressive enhancement, as well as graceful degradation, and NO, they are not the same thing. I am a devout separator of content, style, and script. I am the Zen master of cross-browser compatibility (it’s usually a missing float.) In my spare minutes, I run marathons, travel the world, befriend stray animals, photograph road-side carnivals, and work as a user interface developer.