Jaime Willis

Jaime Willis

I cofounded Velocity with my business partner, Matt Leedham, so we could help people achieve their dreams. What else do I love?

My family & friends, near and far

Playing Scrabble

Drinking Starbucks Iced Teas (Trenta Black Unsweetened, No Water)

Collecting things with Batman, Hello Kitty, Owls, or Cephalopods on them.

Traveling all over the country and world (next up: New Mexico!)

Finishing fitness challenges (50 10K Races in 2011, Sprint Triathlon)

Talking with my hands

Fun with Numbers (for example, did you know you can convert kilometers to miles using the Fibonacci Sequence? 2m = 3km, 3m = 5km, 5m = 8km, etc. So cool!)

Anything Apple makes.