Jaimie M. Blackman

Jaimie M. Blackman, the President of BH Wealth Management LLC and the founder and innovator behind MoneyCapsules®, has dedicated his entire professional career to helping individuals make better money decisions. With more than 25 years of experience in the areas of wealth management, consulting, and education, Jaimie M. Blackman holds the title of Certified Wealth Strategist® professional, and holds a Certificate of Financial planning, and a Master of Science in Education. Before he co-founded BH Wealth Management LLC, Jaimie M. Blackman served as Vice President of Investments at UBS Financial Services Inc. The seven sectors incorporated within Jaimie M. Blackman’s pioneering MoneyCapsules® system include Family & Giving, Personal Values & Dreams, Cash, Long-Term Investments, Guaranteed Income, Managing the Unexpected, and Short-Term Investments, all of which work together to create better money decisions and lasting financial security. In addition to his operations with BH Wealth Management LLC and MoneyCapsules®, Jaimie M. Blackman also serves as the Executive Vice President of the Board of the Adult Resources Center, Inc., a nonprofit agency for the developmentally disabled. In his leisure time, Jaimie M. Blackman enjoys playing the guitar, a hobby he sometimes shares with senior citizen’s centers and religious organizations. For more information about Jaimie M. Blackman and MoneyCapsules®, please visit his blog at www.moneycapsules.com.