Jaimy Szymanski

I'm a social media aficionado, driven by the need to understand customer motivations and inspire engagement both on- and offline. With a special interest in online video strategy, I'm an avid tweeter and Facebook user, thriving on scouring the latest tech news to predict up-and-coming trends.

With a knack for public speaking, witty sense of humor and natural leadership abilities, I deliver social media training in a manner that is relatable, understandable and packed full of useful information. My creativity and passion for top-notch work has helped clients provide better customer service, truly connect with their audiences and understand why consumers care about their brand.

I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, with degrees in Journalism: Advertising and Public Relations and Spanish. I'm a regular contributor to the Blue Door Consulting blog, and can be found on Twitter at @jaimy_marie.