Jaina McGregor

I am a recent graduate of Oregon State University where I studied information systems, finance, and management. I completed my program in business information systems with an additional certificate in leadership.

I enjoy opportunities where I can expand my knowledge of information technology, IT management, information systems, and project management as it is my desire to foster a deeper understanding of the subject area as well as develop and hone skills that will benefit me in my future career field.

My goal for dedicating myself to three core academic programs in my undergraduate studies (business information systems, finance, and management) was to lay a foundation to pursue upper-management within a large corporation. I plan to use this foundation of skills as I pursue a graduate-level degree in order to further refine my industry knowledge, technical skill, managerial style, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit. It is my dream to one day spearhead innovation and develop technology that will help to make people's lives better.

I am currently pursuing additional avenues to broaden my knowledge base by attending both Harvard and Northeastern Universities. At Northeastern University, I am studying Project Management for a M.S. in Leadership. At Harvard, I will pursue their graduate program in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Management Systems as well as a graduate certificate in Web Technologies.

In addition to my desire to refine my industry knowledge, my goal for advancing my education is to work for a major corporation in a managerial capacity. With that role, I hope to use my passion for developing and refining future leaders, as well as to help guide its information technology through the digital age and beyond.

An ideal professional fit for me is to be part of a growing corporation that not only values innovation, but also values their employees, collaboration, and encourages the creative process and entrepreneurial spirit. In my spare time, I like to work on computers in any capacity, spend time with my two dogs, travel, and read both books and newspapers.

An interesting fact about me is that I have a deep passion for archaeology, particularly with regards to ancient civilizations. I also love to learn and I continually look for opportunities to learn new things or improve my skills whenever possible.