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Jyotishacharya Dr Praveen Jain Kochar: An Introduction

Jyotishacharya Dr Praveen Jain Kochar is well known as Guru Ji by his followers. Guruji is World Renowned Spiritual Jain Philosopher specially on Jain Astrology, Jain Mantra, Jain ways of Meditation, Jain Pujas etc. He is very famed humanitarian leader, spiritual teacher and an ambassador of peace. His vision of a stress-free, violence-free society ., Dr. Praveen Jain kochar born on 28th December at Rajasthan is an eminent, jurist, scientific media personality, celebrity Indian Jain astrologer, well known columnist, author and future predictor. His consultancy given to many V.V.I.P personalities’ i.e politicians, sports man, entrepreneurs, saint etc.
He is working on Specially Jain Puja {both dravya puja and bhav puja} & Jain Astrology. He saying In today’s world the culture of jain puja is loosing it’s sheen. Even the result of power in jain mantra is very very supportive and fast then other mantra.
Jain Puja symbolizes various aspects of our religion. One should reflect on such aspect while performing the puja rituals. There are different types of puja being performed for various religious and social ceremonies.
His main aim to reinvent the confidence in jain worshiping culture amongst the people which will help them to find solution at their own doorstep by mean of JAIN PUJA

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