Kirthish Jain


"What i was doesnt matter, what I am going to do does matters"

So guess no need to go through the past story of where i come from, what i like and other stuff.....What matters to me is where my journey has begun when i relaiszed the purpose of my life. We have this beautiful life gifted to us so that we can be useful to others in someway or other be it for your family or lover or friends or some needy person try to cherish that moment and keep inspiring others to do the same. Rather than desiring about the things we want...we can focus on things which we can contribute to make the world a better Place to live in for the people for whom it is hell everyday. To know more about our concept send us a mail and we would love to respond

  • Work
    • Online Retail Store
  • Education
    • Masters in Business Entrepreneurship