Mayank Jain

Delhi, India

Hello !

I am a learner, observer and doer. I started early in the arena looking to gain quality experience and it proved really beneficial in helping me broaden my horizons.

The thirst for knowledge and experience have only increased as I try to decipher everything that comes my way from financial theories to economic models. Public relations and marketing excite me, while my core strength is my research capabilities and my ability to connect the dots.

My interest areas are International Finance and Indian equity markets as I try to read and write about them as much as possible. I am looking to gain further understanding of these areas through interesting opportunities that push my abilities a step further.

I have a special penchant for conversations, people and the subsequent human behavior. I read almost anything that comes my way. A fan of The Beatles and James Cameron, I induldge in hardcore reading and active networking to forge mutually beneficial connections.

  • Work
    • Intern, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  • Education
    • Bachelors of Business Studies, University of Delhi