Jain Mohita

My name is Mohita Jain and I am a freelance photographer. Being a Mass communication student, for me photography is not just my work but it is my passion which shows in my photographs.
To expand my working area, use my photography skill & eduvation, and my dream to capture every single moment and make it a perfect picture for someone's life, I Decided to do freelancing.
Every picture has a story behind it and what I do is to bring out the essence of that story to the surface with my photography skills. My job is turning ordinary into extraordinary by clicking images
from unusual angles.Being the believer of the fact that 'Photography is not a profession, it’s a passion', I click every single moment in most striking and stylish fashion. And when one is driven insanely by passion of capturing emotions, moods and moments with the click of camera, the outcome is indeed a memory for life. Being a photographer, it is an honor for me to catch all the beauty, action and extravaganza. And I have been blessed to create a collection of so many unforgettable clicks.

I also have a company named THE WOWCREATORS which deals with Customized gift packaging, suting & shirting and exquisite variety of hand crafted chocolates prepared using imported chocolates and high quality flavours , this devotion to quality dictates that my chocolates contain no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no vegetable oil, but only cocoa butter making its name the reference for fine

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